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About Us

Correctional Alternatives Community Corrections program supervises adult felony offenders sentenced from the 10 Criminal Courts of the 30th Judicial District in Shelby County.  We also receive transfer cases from all parts of the State.  

The effectiveness of each program is monitored through the use of compliance reviews, successful completion rates of each program and recidivism statistics.  

The Offender Profile Index (OPI) Average for Correctional Alternatives, Inc. offenders for FY2012-13 was 4.83, well above the standard of 3.0, demonstrating that the offenders are true prison diversions.  Correctional Alternatives, Inc. will continue to assess offenders through the use of the eligibility standards as outlined in TCA 40-36-106, as well as psycho-social profiles, to accomplish the goal of true prison diversions. 


CAI coordinates referrals throughout Tennessee for in-patient treatment needs or long term residential needs of offenders.  CAI has close relationships with the community mental health centers, community service agencies and employment contacts.  All offenders are required to maintain gainful full time employment while under Community Corrections supervision unless otherwise exempted by the Federal government, Court order or acute illness.

Approximately 95% of all sentenced offenders are known to have a substance abuse history and over 80% are unemployed when sentenced.  Only 30% have at least a high school diploma or equivalent.  


Correctional Alternatives, Inc. utilizes a Proactive Community Supervision technique along with evidence-based practices in its supervision and treatment programs to target the substance abuse, mental health and criminogenic needs of the clients. The treatment component consists of a unique combination of Behavior Modification and Cognitive Therapy techniques.  This combined model targets both substance abuse and criminal thinking distortions.

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